Schoon leads way for runners


Avalon Nash, Staff Writer

   A self proclaimed man of the people, senior Carter Schoon saunters down the hallways, frequently stopping to dap up his many acquaintances. When he is not participating in Titan Ambassadors, Peer Counseling, or pulling off daring or (depending on who you ask) heinous senior assassin stunts, Schoon can be found leading the cross country program as one of the three team captains. 

   A former soccer player, Schoon continued the family tradition (started by his father and grandfather) of going out for running and came to love the team aspect of the sport. 

   Going into his second year as a team captain, Schoon’s approach to leadership is constantly evolving. As captain he is responsible for setting an example, leading drills during warm ups, and representing the team as a whole.

   “I try to maintain a positive attitude and bring that to practice…leadership is a learned skill and I’ve grown through my experiences. This season I am putting emphasis on including the freshmen and younger kids, not just the varsity team because I knew how it felt to be excluded, and it sucked,” Schoon said. 

   Going into the later part of the cross country season, the boys’ varsity team ranks within the top four competitors for the Division One CIF title. In the Palomar League Cluster meets they posted a third and second place finishes, and hope to make up the difference at League Finals, where they will battle with Westview in what is expected to be a close race.  

   The JV and freshman boys’ teams also have had very successful seasons. Schoon’s teammate, freshman Tanner Jackson, credits a lot of it to the strong team bond and the presence of upperclassmen leadership. 

   “They have been really inclusive…Carter has inspired me to do the right thing, to do the work and put in the miles no matter what,” Jackson said. 

   The future is bright for the charismatic Carter Schoon. His plan at the moment is to major in business administration and go into marketing, but he remains open minded. Schoon does not aspire to run collegiately in the NCAA, but is considering participating in a running club in college. 

   Alex Smith, his coach of three years, is sad to see him go. 

   “Carter has the most positive outlook of anyone I have coached so far. He is without a doubt a leader and not only leads through example but through his words. I don’t think this year would be the same without Carter’s smile, and I’ll be missing him next year,” Smith said. 

   Carter may not be the fastest runner on the team but the impact he has made as a captain is undeniable. 

   The team is tapering and cutting down mileage in order to enhance recovery as they approach CIF at Morley Field on November 12th, and for some runners, State two weeks later. Hopes are high and hearts are full as the season comes to a close.