Field hockey starts strong


Daniel Sweeney, Staff Writer

   So far in the season, they have won a remarkable amount of their games, starting off strong when they won 6-1 against Edison in their tournament. They continued to hold this pace, and continued to dominate their next three games after that. The team has performed excellently with a starting record of 10-3 and they won their first league game against Rancho Buena Vista on Sept. 29.

   They have been shaped into high-performance athletes by their talented coach, Kim Draskovich. The players are very connected with each other. “We put a lot of focus on team bonding so that the girls are like a family, on the field and off,” Draskovich said. 

   There are high expectations of the team, as they have the potential to do great things, with an extremely talented roster of largely returning players, most of whom are seniors. The team has been improving year after year, and Draskovich feels that this trend will continue, especially with their current leadership, including their captains: seniors Abbey Skale, Emily Andrews, Cait Croston, and Elizabeth Edmonston, and junior Anjolie Norton. By far their most impressive player, Edmonston is a powerhouse. 

   Edmonston is the highest scorer in California, and her coach believes she will go on to make a name for herself in college. It is her third year as a team captain for the team, and feels that the pressure that comes with the position has pushed her to become the best she can be. 

   “At times it can be stressful, but my teammates are strong, and I know they are great players,” Edmonston said. She has a great passion for the sport, and loves that players need a lot of skill and condition to be successful.

   Sophomore Sophia Grimm, a young up-and-comer, feels very connected to the team. She is extremely ambitious, but often feels that her sport is overlooked by many. “I get told all the time that ‘it’s not real hockey’ and no one comes to support us,” Grimm said. It is a frustration shared by many of the players.

   Tonight, you can support them here in Poway, as they are playing a home game against Torrey Pines at 4:30 p.m