Football plays for success


   For Varsity Football, success is not just determined by wins or losses. Even though it seems starting the season 6-0 we might be unstoppable, teamwork is really what is making varsity football shine. Seniors Conner Rath, Payton Spratt and Brandon Myers know about the importance of building family in football.

   Rath has been recognized as one of the best running backs in the CIF San Diego Section this season. “I try my best just to prove something in me, just to be better, improving each week, that’s kind of like success,” Rath said, his sentiment is strong, personal improvement is the way to success, not only for the individual, but for the whole team.

   A teammate that is important to Rath is John (Bobby Bocher) Douglas. “He’s just a great person to be around,” Rath said. “He just has that energy.”

   Wide receiver Spratt agrees with Rath, “He just gives 100% and that’s what’s important on a team, just giving it their all. He might just be on the scout team, but he plays middle linebacker. He’s just not scared to hit Conner [Rath], which is something most people are scared to do,” Spratt said. 

   Players are motivated by a will to prove themselves and carry their weight on the team. “My motivation is just to make my family and my teammates proud, I like to play for the people who don’t get to play, if I’m not gonna give it my all why am I even out there,” Spratt said. 

   Spratt also credits the team’s recent success to great teamwork. 

   “It’s like a brotherhood where everyone has each other’s back no matter what thick and thin. Good teamwork this year is a big difference from last year, because this year I feel like everyone wants to win as a whole, everyones thinking about the team before themselves, like people actually go to the team dinners this year, our group chat is hilarious, and then the scout team is the best scout team I’ve seen all year, or any years I’ve played and I feel like they’re just making the starters better,” Spratt said. 

   Senior offensive and defensive lineman, Ivan Bowen is a teammate Spratt respects and admires.

   “If your back is pinned against the wall, and you have to fight he’ll be there for you, and with that being on the football field, I just always know he’s going to do his job and give 110% and he’s also a great vocal leader for us. He leads us in warm-ups everyday and personally he’s one of my good friends,” Spratt said. 

   Another defensive and offensive lineman, Myers, also enjoys the team aspect of the sport, and the brotherhood he has made through football. 

   “We’ve been working with each other since freshman year. We’re a family. We’re all really close to each other, the bond with everyone, Oh! And team dinners, I love team dinners,” Myers said. 

   The football team will play at Westview Oct. 14 at 7 p.m., and return home for Senior Night Friday, Oct. 21, at 7 p.m. against Mt. Carmel in a rivalry matchup. They will wrap up the regular season with another big rival in Rancho Bernardo on the road on Friday, Oct. 28 at 7:15 p.m.