Newest Addition to ASB


McKenzie Mehl, Staff Writer

In room H1 the Associated Student Body (ASB) Directors Erica Rangel and Emily Pratt are working hard to make the school year exciting and enjoyable. They are in the process of things like homecoming, pep rallies, and club rush. Creating a safe and fun school for the students is a top priority for ASB. 

Rangel is new to advising and is taking over from Pratt in the third trimester. ASB plays a significant role in Rangel’s life. She was involved in ASB in high school and college, so being an advisor has felt natural for her. Rangel has taught here for eight years classes such as AP English Language, AP English Literature, and she advised the Titan Ambassadors. Being an advisor for the Ambassador program gave Rangel lots of practice for ASB.

She said the reason she started teaching high school was to work with ASB specifically. “I love ASB. I love the idea of school spirit and promoting school events and being a part of that culture,” Rangel said. Rangel has amazing energy and a big personality that contributes to her work with ASB.

“You have to be willing to put yourself out there. Whether it’s with a silly class game or trying to make the unpopular decision in the room. You have to be willing to let down your guard and just embrace all of it,” Rangel said. Advising ASB is a big responsibility and takes good leadership skills. You have to be open-minded and willing to work together. 

A few of Rangel’s favorite things to do for ASB are helping kids get excited to come to school every day and pushing them to reach their full potential. 

“Ms. Rangel has helped me personally develop as a student leader here on campus. Rangel always supports me; especially during homecoming season, she has helped me plan and organize all the events,” senior Emily Cook said. She said she loves seeing students reach their goals.

Rangel supports students and she aims to create a safe space where students can trust her. “The ASB group would describe me as spirited, fashionable, and someone that they are comfortable coming to for anything,” Rangel said.