Ace player Kremvilosky inspires team


Iliad/Robert Houshan

Team player: Freshman Sasha Kremliovsky gets ready to strike as the ball moves towards him.

The blinding sun scorches the eyes of everyone on the bright green courts. Players hustle as the yellow ball whizzes out of their reach, and over the net. Sweat beads on the forehead, because they know that it is highly difficult to beat varsity tennis player Sasha Kremvilosky.
At only 15 years old, Kremvilosky has been playing tennis for 12 years. Within these years, he has dedicated much of his time to his sport, and even was home schooled throughout middle school to have a better focus on tennis.
Half of these years he has been participating in numerous tournaments, and has won so many nationals he has lost count. Not only is he successful in winning as a freshman, but he has also had the opportunity to train with the USA Olympic Tennis Team in Los Angeles.
“The best thing that I learned from it all, is that there really are no shortcuts,” Kremvilosky said.
Not only has Kremvilosky been able to train with professionals, he has also been able to make numerous new friendships while playing with Poway’s Varsity team. One of his favorite parts of playing tennis is the real relationships you form over the time spent training together.
“Sasha is an inspiration to the team, because he is the smallest, yet he is the best. He is the example that anything is possible if you work hard,” freshman Jack Skalsky said.
Academies from across the world like Scandinavia and New York have invited him to come play for their teams, but this champion has plans to finish high school here in Poway first. He dreams to attend colleges such as Stanford or UCLA.