Captain spikes his way to success


Odyssey/Casey Stevens

Team Point: Senior Niko WIlliams spikes the ball to the opposing team scoring a point for his team.

Ella Goldman, Online Editor

It was the fourth set of the game, with a set score of 2-1. If Poway won this set, they would win the game against Scripps Ranch. A Falcon served, and waiting on the other side of the net was senior Nickolas Williams, who hit a solo block back to the opposing team, who failed to return the ball. The following play, Williams jumped above the net and blocked the spike attempt from the other team again, leading to two points scored back to back from one player.
Williams, the varsity boys’ volleyball captain, plays as setter and outside hitter. Following in the footsteps of his family, he picked up the sport in the 6th grade and has been unstoppable ever since.
Playing for a team sport, there are many different responsibilities and roles that must be fulfilled. Working together and helping one another is crucial to the prosperity of the team. As captain, Williams does a multitude of things, including the coin toss at the beginning of games, talking to the referees, and instructing his teammates.
“Being the captain is a big responsibility. You have to stay positive and make people feel reassured,” Williams said.
As of the beginning of his junior year, Williams committed to Ohio State to play D1 volleyball as a setter. Last year, he was the only non-senior starting on the team and he succeeded with 134 kills at the end of the season.
“It’s been great watching him grow as a player these past few years. He’s a strong asset to the team,” senior Matthew Real said.
Unfortunately for Williams, during the “Best of the West’’ tournament on March 4, while playing a game against Ponahuo (a team from Honolulu ranked thirteenth in the nation), he fractured his finger, hindering his ability to play for a month.
“He’s a confidence boost for our team. Not having him is very hard for us,” senior James Wagenseller said.
So far throughout the season, Williams and his team have achieved many astonishing wins. This includes their game against San Marcos, where they won 3-0 despite being projected to lose. Not only that, the team also beat other prestigious teams, such as Bishop’s (2-0), La Jolla (3-2), and Mission Viejo (2-1).
As the season progresses, he hopes to return to his passion of playing volleyball and finish the rest of the season with a bang alongside his teammates.