Diving and thriving

Divers dive into the season with no coach

Corinne Loosbrock, Staff Writer

Coaching yourself is never easy, so imagine having to work without a coach through an entire season in a sport that some have never played before.

This year, the dive season was off to a rocky start without a coach. They had to begin training with the dive team at Rancho Bernardo with an inconsistent practice schedule. 

Overall, the team has been having a great season with three wins and one loss despite having no coach and being led by the team captain, Allie Dacquisto.

One of the main struggles is not having access to a coach’s advice after they compete. 

“It is difficult to recognize progress or understand what I need to do differently when I have no coach there after I dive,” senior Allie Dacquisto said. 

After a CIF rule change required aquatic coaches to be lifeguard certified, the past coach, Steve Norby, had to retire from his coaching career. 

At the beginning of the season, he would come help out at practice as a “volunteer” until they passed a rule saying now all volunteers are required to be lifeguard certified as well as coaches. 

“It is really difficult being able to improve this season, and I think not having a coach is putting a damper on our team,” sophomore Luke Raggo said.

The team is small with only six divers. Having a small team makes for close friendships among divers.“I enjoy being a part of a small team, we are all close which helps with not having a coach,” sophomore Paige McFadden said.