Attack on the Titans


Iliad/Robert Houshan

Spikedown: Senior Niko Williams catched the team off guard with an aggressive jump serve to start the set.

Six players stood on either side of the net. Ready in position, the whistle blew, and junior Rhett Jorgenson served the ball that started the game against La Jolla on May 6.
This game was the first round of CIFs for Division 1 Boys’ Volleyball, where unfortunately the Titans did not prevail, with a final score of 1-3.
With a 51 percent win rate over the course of the season, they were confident in their ability to beat their challengers, who held a 32 percent win rate.
Not only that, Poway had also beaten La Jolla previously in the season, where they played a close game ending in a score of 3-2.
However, when the first round began, they realized the game was not going to be as easy as they thought.
Playing an intense first round, the teams remained tied the entire time, until at 22 points the Titans stalled out, and the Vikings won with a three-point lead.
“The first round was a real slap in the face. We weren’t playing to the best of our ability. We went in too confident, ” junior Gavin Boyer said.
Making a comeback in round two, the boys had some incredible plays and dominated their opponents, with a final score of 25-16.
Some of these plays included senior John Lubisich saving the ball with his foot, as well as freshman Ryan Johnson and senior team captain Nickolas Williams spiking and scoring points one play after another.
“Hitting the ball over the net and watching it hit the ground is a great feeling. I love scoring points for my team,” Williams said.
Following round two, the boys lost round three 28-26 and round four 17-25. Although discouraged by their loss in the first round of CIFs, the Titans are already preparing for next season where they will regroup, work harder, and try to regain their title of CIF Champions that they held in 2021.
“We were really devastated by the loss, especially since we were favored to win, but we’re willing to do whatever it takes to be triumphant next season,” junior William McBride said.