Field hockey captains


As the four amazing, Rachel Sandstrom, Ally Kowalski, Morgan Kallman, and Elizabeth Edmonston, captains guided the field hockey team towards another win, the team grew and got better. They love the sport and are very passionate about it. They were all chosen because of their loyalty and love for the team.

“I love being a part of the team and having fun with my teammates,” senior Morgan Kallman said. 

Kallman has played field hockey since seventh grade, and once she started playing in high school she just kept getting better. 

Kallman was chosen as a captain by the coaches her junior and senior year. She made varsity her freshman year and she has loved playing ever since.

Unlike Kallman, the other three never played field hockey prior to high school. Even though they never played before, they instantly caught on to the technique and skill of the game and quickly became some of the best players. Their motive however, came from friends.

“I wanted to meet new people,” senior Elizabeth Edmonston said. “It worked. Now all my teammates are my best friends.” 

She found field hockey unique and something she has never tried before, and it interested her a lot. “I love the fast pace of the game, and the fun technical skill needed,” Edmonston said. 

Edmonston and the others did an amazing job this season and are very proud of their team. There overall record was 18-8-1, winning 6 away games and 6 home games. Once they worked there way into league games, they went 8-2. 

Seniors Ally Kowalski and Rachel Sandstorm both wanted to play a sport and heard that field hockey was fun. They quickly fell in love with the sport. “I really stuck with field hockey because it kept me in good shape and was very fun,” Sandstorm said. 

These four have nothing but love for the sport and for the players. “My teammates quickly became my best friends over the season, and made me look forward to each practice,” Kowalski said.