Color Guard spins into winter

Winter guard show takes place Feb. 5


Suhail Rahimi, Staff Writer

Winter is now here and the color guard is currently learning routines for their winter guard show. 

The color guard will be spinning objects such as rifles, flags, and sabers (swords). 

¨We are currently learning routines for our winter guard show, and for an event we will be doing at Candy Cane lane,” sophomore Isabella Abelardo said.

The color guard is learning choreography for the first winter guard show performance, which will be the first of the season at West Hills High School on Saturday, Feb. 5. Color guard originated from military color guards that often traveled with a band that would play patriotic songs. Modern guards use metal sabers but without the sharpened point. 

“In winter guard we perform indoors in a gym with our equipment (flags, rifles and sabers) to a recorded track usually around five minutes. We have after-school practices two to three days a week to work on our show and have started to learn some of our new shows for this season,” senior Kaitlyn Miller said. 

“I love color guard. Everyone on the team is very nice and encouraging. Our team captains this year are so sweet and helpful. It always is challenging because we learn new things almost every day, but our instructor is patient with everyone,” sophomore Danica Dean said. 

The colorguard is learning new routines at this time and is performing soon. Learning new routines every day is challenging but the colorguard is persistent.


. Dean said it is challenging but the team is still very supportive.

Color guard will have their first performance on Saturday, Feb. 5 and they will have an event at Candy Cane Lane on the 17 and 18.