Poway High Changes Things Up

Poway High Turns to online ticket sales

Elie Raad, Staff Writer

     COVID has changed the whole world and as students, we have all seen its impact. Students missed going to sports games over quarantine and felt the lack of school spirit from home. The sale of tickets has moved online to aid the COVID crisis and make the ticket sales more efficient.. At the end of basketball season, Titans were excited to show support for their team, but  the process of buying tickets has changed due to COVID, making it more cumbersome to attend these games. 

        All students who want to attend the game must purchase tickets online via Gofan.com, a website designed for buying tickets for high school games. 

 “It was a CIF decision to go forward with the online tickets, and it really has been a money and time saver because we don’t have to count the cash and it protects against COVID since we don’t have to deal with all the cash handling,” Athletic Director Damion Gonzo said.

        Some students expressed their concerns with the logistics of online sales, such as how many tickets are available and if ASB stickers count as an alternative for online tickets. “I feel like it makes it easier for everyone.The only problem is not knowing how many tickets there are already,” senior athlete Anika Nelson said. 

        This process has eliminated the use of cash to buy tickets as well as limited the number of people able to attend which many students don’t like. “I don’t like it, I think we should go back to normal, and buy them online or at the stadium.” senior James Wagenseller said. 

        Many students realize that it’s an innovative way to keep students safe but wish it was more practical. “I understand why they are doing it because of COVID and just overall limiting the amount of people, but I think that they don’t give a lot of communication on when to get it, and it’s just easier to get tickets at the door,” ASB Executive of Activities Casey Stephens said.