Hockey x 3 = Destiny

Junior plays ice, roller and field hockey


Destiny Provencio is an athletic junior who blocks every shot that comes her way on the field, in the rink, and on the ice. She prevents the opposing teams from shooting and scoring. In roller hockey, she is all over the field, helping her team out. She defends, assists, and scores goals.
Provencio plays three different types of hockey – field, ice, and roller hockey. She started ice hockey in the third grade, roller hockey in eighth grade, and field hockey her sophomore year.
Provencio got introduced to ice hockey by her dad’s friend who plays professionally. It’s natural to start with roller hockey because it is so similar to ice hockey. She started playing field hockey because she wanted to try something new.
Ice and roller hockey are very similar according to Provencio. The only difference is in ice hockey you wear ice skates and in roller hockey you wear roller blades. Some of the rules are a little bit different, and one is in an ice rink and the other is in a roller rink.
“The ice rink is on ice and the roller rink is on tile which is very different,” Provencio said.
“Destiny is really invested in the sport and is always trying to be the best at what she is doing,” roller hockey teammate junior Bella Grow said.
Field hockey is drastically different from ice and roller hockey. Players use a stick in the shape of a candy cane, and instead of a puck they use a plastic ball. It is also played on a turf field and players wear cleats, similar to soccer.
Provencio has been on the varsity field hockey team for the past two years. She is a great teammate who is always smiling and hyping up her team according to her teammates. “She is so athletic and has such good hand-eye coordination, yet she’s very humble about her skill,” field hockey teammate Abby Skale said.
The varsity field hockey team did very well in the fall, making it to the semifinals for CIF where Provencio played goalie.