Freshman proves herself on the court


A gym, packed as full as guidelines allow, students, parents, and administrators hold their breath as freshman Katelyn Johnson steals the ball from the opponent and sprints to the other basket. It’s the fourth quarter, the score is scarily close, and the varsity girls’ basketball team is playing the talented Del Norte Nighthawks. Johnson approaches the basket, puts the ball up, and it swishes through the net. Everyone goes crazy as Johnson gleams with pride as she runs to the other side of the court.
Johnson is a talented player, student, and teammate. She is one of the few freshmen on the varsity team, and she has made quite the impact already.
“Katelyn is really hard working. She’s a strong post who also has a great shot and great high to low passes,” fellow freshman Mya McGowan said.
Johnson started playing basketball when she was in 4th grade, and as soon as she picked up the ball, she didn’t put it down.
All throughout middle school, she devoted all of her time to practice, games, private lessons, and tournaments. Her passion was rewarded with talent and skill, and she hopes to continue playing basketball all four years of high school.
She has been voted the game MVP five times so far, and she has an average of 11 points in each game. Her teammates describe her as a passionate and talented player.
“She’s a consistent hard worker and a good person on and off the court. KJ is loved by everyone and has a high basketball IQ,” sophomore Mackenzie Parsons said.
Her real time to shine was in the game against Rancho Santa Margarita Teroro. She scored a whopping total of 18 points in the third quarter, along with 7 rebounds, helping the team to end the night with a 62-59 score. Her talent is so outstanding that even the San Diego Union Tribune wrote an article about her.
“We had a really strong pre-season, and we are fighting to keep going, not giving up,” Johnson said.
So far the Titans have a record of 15-9. They defeated RB 57-47 on their senior night Feb. 11.