Roller Hockey rolls through the season


Back turned to the defense, freshman Connor Liddle guards the puck. With one of Scripps Ranch’s highest scoring players on his heels, Liddle holds his ground to defend the puck.

Lorelei Barry, Staff Writer

The varsity roller hockey team faced off against Scripps Ranch at the Escondido Sports Center Jan. 12. The Titans fought hard, but ultimately lost to the Falcons 12-3.

Running his opponent into the wall, senior Kenny Buzby keeps his eye on the puck. The puck was then passed to Buzby who proceeded to pass it on for another teammate to take a shot at the goal.
Following his opponent up the court, junior Richard Obert holds his stick out to block any passes or shots. Obert has been on the team the past three years, and is one of this year’s team captains.
Watching the puck, freshman Jack Vranish skates around it while senior Kenny Buzby reaches for it. Vranish and Buzby manage to hold on to the puck and pass it up the rink towards the goal
Looking for the right moment, freshman Connor Liddle waits to intercept a pass. Liddle proceeded to take a shot on the goal.