Freshmen Boy’s Soccer prevails over Del Norte


Freshman Sean Jestund Blocks a touch shot, refusing to let Del Norte score. His constant focus allowed him to lock out other teams and help Poway secure the win.

 Freshman boys soccer held a strong lead at halftime January 20th prevailing over Del Norte. Continuing the same energy they pulled away with the win 4-1.

Freshman Lucas Nickson takes the ball up the field with no regard for the defender trailing him. Nickson played extremely aggressively, exerting intensive hussle.
Freshman Hiru Gunelileke launches the ball across the field to his teammate. Passes like that made a big impact on the ball movement of the team.
Freshman Hugo Flores Witine recovers and resets the offense after a tough steal. He was constantly going up and down the field making big plays all game.
Freshman Lucas Nickson Out-hussles the opposition giving Poway possession of the ball. His constant flow of energy boosted Poway’s morale on both ends of the field.
Freshman Collin McCann eyes down the ball as he heads towards an offensive player. He tracks down the ball constantly to continue to provide defensive coverage for Poway.