Three sports at once?


Kayla Knight, Staff Writer

Kaitlin Surber is a sophomore this year, she plays three varsity sports-soccer, softball, and cross country. Surber gives everything she can every time she steps onto the field. 

Surber has been playing all 3 of these sports for about 5 years. She started playing them in 6th grade, she stuck with them because she enjoyed them. “People were constantly telling me that I need to choose or quit one but I just can’t picture my life without any of them,” Surber said. 

Surber enrolled into Poway High last year as a freshman. She is now a Sophomore and is right now on the soccer team, last trimester she was doing cross country, and next trimester she will be in softball. As a freshman she played all 3 sports simultaneously during covid. 

Surber said that it was hard in the spring to manage her activities and she had little free time. “Once we went back in person I would go to school, softball, then soccer and sometimes back to softball for the end. I would get home at around 8 and start homework and finally get to eat,” Surber said. She never had time to hang out with friends and had to sacrifice a lot, but says it was all worth it because she got the chance to play all the sports she loved all at once.

She was heavily impacted by COVID-19 while playing three sports at once. When Cross Country started last spring it was really frustrating for her because the meets were small and schools were not able to have big invitations. 

“Once soccer, cross country and softball started up people told me I would  have to choose between the sports,” Surber said. It made her sad to think about only being able to play one but with the help of her coaches she was able to play all of them.  

Surber says that her coaches were the ones that made it possible for her to play all three sports at once. “Kaitlin Surber did the best that she could with communicating, she communicated very openly and clearly with us coaches and made sure we were all on the same page together, and her time management was fantastic,” soccer coach Aaron Jaffe said. 

Surber says managing her time and sports was difficult, but having a planner definitely helped her keep organized. She made sure she got her school work done on time and did not procrastinate. 

“Kaitlin surprisingly did not miss too much practice and was able to attend almost all games or meets of all three sports which was definitely impressive,” softball teammate Autumn Zusman said. 

Surbers cross country team won CIF this year and placed 5th in state, her soccer season is half way through and softball starts next season. She is still playing Cross country, soccer, and softball. This year is different because all 3 of the sports are in different seasons so she is not so busy.