What it’s like becoming a Titan!


As students transfer from other schools to become Titans, the green and grey family grows. Transferring is difficult as it is, but it is even more difficult for athletes.

Senior Ryen Sciotto transferred from Mt. Carmel to Poway High School for her senior year due to the environment of the school.

Due to the CIF rules, Sciotto’s time was put on hold for the Poway soccer team for the first half of the season. Much like her, our athletic transfer students dread the unbearable wait to get back into their sport. 

Sciotto, a stud soccer player, recently returned to the field just in time for league. 

“The transfer process was overwhelming and it sucks having to sit out half the season because of the CIF rules, but it was fun being the loudest cheerleader on the bench,” Sciotto said. Sciotto’s first game back was Jan. 4 against Mission Hills where she continued to hype up her team. 

Similar to Sciotto, Senior Allie D’Acquisto, a star dive swimmer, experienced a similar situation when she transferred because she too is a stud athlete from Mt. Carmel. 

“At Poway I had a much more positive environment surrounding sports. This made it more fun because there was not as much stress surrounding going to practice,” D’Acquisto said. 

D’Acquisto also had a smooth ride rolling into sports as her teammates and coach made her feel welcomed. “Super fun, I had developed a very good relationship with my teammates and coach. This relationship allowed me to feel more confident and not let the nerves get to me,” she said. 

Having such a positive environment here has eased transfer students to make them feel more at home faster. 

As scary as it is for the students, the coaches play a big role in order to make this an easy process. 

“The transfer rules exist for a reason. I think there are students who transfer from coaches that might be more predatory but at the same time it hurts people who might be transferring for legitimate reasons which makes it more difficult,” Coach Aaron Jaffe said.

Our staff is very supportive and will help you through the process to make Poway feel like home. 

“The sitting period is a good rule because it keeps kids from transferring from school to school and keeps kids at their home school,” Athletic Director Damian Gonzalez said. The sitting period is the first half of the season of whatever sport you play, it differs with every sport. 

Although the process and idea of coming into a new school can be scary, the environment here at Poway High makes it an easier transition.