Angulo slams competition

The senior has put on a show so far this season with Poway.


Senior David Angulo pushes the offense, making all the right moves against Mt. Carmel Dec 7. He continued with the same energy, ending the game with 30 points. (Iliad/ Robert Houshan)

     When it comes to playing basketball, senior David Angulo has all the tools to excel on the court. His three-point jumper is deadly, and he is not hesitant to show it off.

     In terms of scoring inside, his jumpshot is smooth from mid range, and his tall, strong frame allows him to drive into the paint with ease. His 19 points per game leads Poway.

     Angulo has been playing basketball since sixth grade, which has allowed him to add to his skill set while polishing everything from footwork to dribbling.

     “Something inside me just inspired me and told me to become the best player possible to step on the court at any given time. Since freshman year, I’ve grown a lot better as a player, so I played and trained for basketball as much as I possibly could, and my hard work got me to the place I’m at today,” Angulo said.

     Senior Hudson Betts has noticed Angulo’s improvement throughout the years.

     “We came from playing for fun in middle school, to actually taking time to get better by going to scheduled workouts with a trainer,” Betts said.

      Senior Dontae Knighten is glad Angulo plays for Poway, because he knows playing against Angulo is a tough matchup.

     “He’s able to drive in the paint, and shoot from range. He has vision that allows him to make passes to open players almost instantly,” Knighten said. “He has all those tools in his bag and combining that with his ability to handle the ball well too, makes him really hard to guard.”