Taking on the role of Captain

Warming up with her team, senior Ally Kowalski cheers them on to get the energy levels high. Walking onto the field, she high-fives players as they set up on the turf. After each goal, Kowalski yells, from her position at center defense, phrases of support and excitement. Kowalski takes her role as a captain seriously, balancing teamwork and fun.

Kowalski has played field hockey since her freshman year, starting on Junior Varsity, but by her sophomore year she made it onto Varsity, and now is one of the four captains on the team. 

“I went into freshman year with no field hockey experience. It was scary, but the best thing I have done for my high school experience,” Kowalski said. 

One of the other captains, senior Rachel Sandstrom, has been one of Kowalski’s best friends and teammates. Sandstrom admires Kowalski’s teamwork, sportsmanship, and drive. 

“It’s not often you find a teammate who balances her authority as captain with bonding relationships with her team. Ally is always making me laugh, and never fails to put a smile on my face,” Sandstrom said. 

Not every teammate has been playing field hockey since freshman year with Kowalski. Senior Isa White in particular is only in her second year playing the sport. Being a newer teammate has given her less time to get to know Kowalski as a player.

“Ally is a close friend of mine, but I had never seen her as a teammate until junior year. I quickly was able to see how dedicated and devoted she is to the sport, and she is always supporting our team,” White said. 

With Kowalski as a captain, the Girls’ Field Hockey Team is ready to dominate this season.