Wagenseller kicks his way to a scholarship


Whether he is kicking an extra point on the football field or making a save on the pitch, James Wagenseller thrives wherever he is.   He has made 33 points after touchdowns during regular football season and averages 2.3 saves per game according to Maxpreps as of November 9th.

Wagenseller has always been athletic. He previously played baseball, and currently plays soccer, but he excels in football the most.

The kicker was given a scholarship by his dream school, West Point, because of his great performance.  He has always wanted to join the military, and West Point is the best college that leads into the military, according to Wagenseller.

“I got a call from their special teams coach on Oct. 10, telling me that I should be expecting an offer in a couple days. Those couple days passed, then West Point’s head coach personally called me about the offer.  I was speechless, felt I was in a dream. I went for a drive around town to let the fact that my dream school had offered me a scholarship sink in,”  Wagenseller said.

His hard work and talent is far from unnoticed, he’s been a varsity kicker and punter for three years.  He has already climbed national rankings to 10th place in the nation for punting, and 30th for kicking.  

“To be honest the person that helped me the most improve so much in three years was myself and myself.  I put in all my effort into kicking and punting to get me where I am today, and it’s pretty far… Hard work does pay off, you could say.  The Punt Factory is a kicking camp that helps their students get their name out there, and also helped with getting me exposure to West Point,”  Wagenseller said.

Senior Eric Gant is happy to have Wagenseller on the team because if the Titans aren’t able to score a touchdown, he’ll secure the field goal for them.

“The rare times we don’t score a touchdown we know James wouldn’t let us down by putting us in a great position by making the field goal, even when we do score the touchdown he’ll always make the extra point after the touchdown, that’s why I think he’s so important to our team as well,” Gant said.