Volleyball drops home match to Westview


Sienna Van Heijnsbergen, Staff Writer

Sweat ran down players’ faces as they watched the score, 19-24. One more point, and the winning title would go to Westview. After a long, strenuous battle between the Poway and Westview varsity volleyball teams, Poway lost. 

The Titans started out strong, leading 15-8. However, after Westview’s star server was up, they started to gain some points. Their libero was talented, but not fast enough to get sophomore Makenzie Parson’s powerful hits. However, their outside hitter Nia Thompson’s fierce talent also helped Westview. Eventually, they won the first set. 

“They started out strong, but they slowly caught up. It was a very exciting game to watch though.” sophomore Lexi Dougherty says. 

People cheering in the stands often stood biting their nails, with long rallies and nerve-wrenching points. 

The second game started out rough, with Westview gaining an eight-point lead. Their middle blocker stopped many of Poway’s mighty spikes,  but the Titans managed to gain some more points. 

“We played well, but their blockers stopped many of our hits,” sophomore Kiki Remensperger said. 

Their defense was solid, but their offense was terminated many times by junior Maddy Bernard. Making varsity as a freshman, Bernard has much experience with stopping all types of hits. 

“I was sad to lose, but we’ll get them next time,” senior Bella Bevilacqua said. 

Overall, it was a very exciting game to watch, with noticeable talent and grit on the Poway side.They will face off against Westview again on October 12th.