Surfin’ around San Diego

McKee expresses passion for surfing and paddling


Jordan McKee

Miah Garcia, News Editor

Living in sunny San Diego is the dream for many surfers and paddlers, including AP Human Geography and US History teacher, Jordan McKee. 

McKee has been surfing since the age of seven. Originally from Yreka, an inland city in Northern California, he learned to surf in San Diego.

 “My grandpa and uncle were really into surfing, so when we would come down for summer vacations, they taught me,” McKee said.

McKee’s ideal surfing spot is Torrey Pines. “It’s the quickest from my house, and I don’t have to worry about parking. It allows me to bring all types of different boards and paddling equipment,” McKee said. 

   He enjoys going with friends, but also alone. “Solo sessions are super good for me and my body and for my brain to take that little break and hit reset on the day,” McKee said.

One of his favorite aspects about surfing is the wildlife he encounters. McKee has seen it all, including dolphins, orcas, humpback whales, and great white sharks. “You see dolphins almost every time. I’ve swam when I was about three miles out once with a superpod of about 400 dolphins,” McKee said.  “That was something that stands out.” 

Many would consider surfing as a hobby, but to McKee, it is more than that. He is in the ocean four to five days a week training for competitions. Additionally, surf and stand-up paddle board manufacturers sponsor him to compete in races. ‘It’s a way of life for me and my family,” McKee said.