Robotics co-president leads the team


Brendan Airea gained his interest in Robotics from one of his teachers.

“It was actually one of my teachers that told me about the team. She thought I would be interested in it,” Aeria said. Ever since then he has worked hard and become a robotics leader. The robotics team meets for four hours on Wednesdays and Saturdays to socialize and interact with each other.

Lately, they have been making presentations to introduce themselves to all the new members of robotics. The leaders of the robotics team want everyone to get to know each other and gain chemistry.

Sophomore Brendan Aeria, one of the leaders that leads and manages a lot of the meetings, works well with everyone. “He’s shown a lot of initiative and passion for what he does,” robotics member and senior Izzy Vargas said.

Members have noticed his drive and work ethic. “He’s very organized and does his best to plan out upcoming events and agendas for meetings,” senior Avery Donaldson, said. 

He also assists others in their jobs. “When certain sub-teams are overflooded with work, he’ll do his best to take over some of the work,” Donaldson said.

One example of Brendan helping others is when he reminds people of deadlines and makes sure everyone knows the times and places they need to be for meetings. “More recently he has been helping me with a spreadsheet,” Vargas said. 

Aeria never realized that robotics was his place until a few years ago. He is a very selfless person, when he realizes that people are stressed from too much work, he makes sure that he takes care of it and helps them out. A couple of months back he built a robot and got it to talk, and posted it on Youtube. “I am really proud of that project”.

Aeria is a very helpful and kind person and is excited to lead robotics this year.