Blanco boosts the student section


Chanting in the bleachers, Claire Blanco gets the students fired up. Every Friday the Titan Terrors group she leads causes havoc in the stands.
Blanco was chosen to be a student section leader alongside senior Eric Gant, who will have a more prominent leader role during basketball season, by previous student section leaders Jacob Nanquil and Campbell Hakim. When the duo found out they were the new leaders they were excited.
“ I knew we had to take initiative and get our section as hype and spirited as possible,” Blanco said.
Blanco’s favorite chant is, “I believe that we will win.” On the other hand, Gant loves to hear chants that target the referees because he finds it funny to poke fun when they don’t make the right call.
“I think our student section this year is better than the past,” Blanco said. “Everyone in our student section participates by getting loud, and they bring all their energy every Friday night.”
The duo runs the student section Instagram account (@TitanTerrors) that promotes Poway sporting events.
“I feel when you just know you have supporters in the stands cheering on, we can’t disappoint, it gives us more energy when on the field, more momentum, and it really gets us going,” wide receiver and defensive back Gant said.
“Out of everything though, I think Claire is one of the best reasons our student section is doing so well,” Gant said.
“I ask Principal Nash what we can and can’t do during games, in order to have a loud, but safe student section, while also trying new things,” Blanco said.
Her dedication to the student section leader role has reflected through these actions. She’s the one to light the flame when no one else can.