Jefferson looks to play in NFL

Senior Vance Jefferson, Poway High star athlete, plays football primarily and basketball secondary. He is a role model for athletes and inspires a lot of kids on the campus, and has great characteristics of being a leader. With his dogged mentality he will persevere through all of his obstacles.

Jefferson does not want to just play in college. “My goal is to make it to the NFL because I love  the sport and want to do it for a living,” he  said. He has high expectations and to him, football is not just a game, its lifestyle.

Although football is his main focus, he has other desires motivating him to succeed, “I want to use the money I make from the NFL to start a Humanitarian Aid Resource Center to help third world countries,” Jefferson said. He is not only working hard for himself but he is trying to leave a mark in the world, which shows his leadership on and off the field. 

COVID-19 has impacted athletes beyond the current season., “It hasn’t really affected football itself, but it’s definitely affecting recruiting for college.” Jefferson said. He is rated three stars and has offers from many colleges and due to covid this can alter his track to achieving his goals of becoming a pro football player. 

In the future Vance Jefferson hopes to see himself shine above the rest. Poway High will be cheering on the whole way.