Boys battle through tough season

Raelyn Cornell, Staff Writer

As many sports do, basketball is one of the sports to leave the crowd on their toes and give everyone an adrenaline rush. The buzzer rings as the player shoots his last shot to score the winning points. The energy is glowing off everyone’s faces and the butterflies grow in the crowd’s stomach, as the final buzzer hits zero. With such a wild past year, basketball is a stress reliever to many athletes and coaches. 

The season has thrown varsity all sorts of bounce-passes making it difficult for them to get a grip on the season. While going 7-13, the season started off rough, but they pushed through with key wins against Mount Carmel 66-59  and Del Norte 72-65 . 

 “The season has been very hard, we have played and lost many very close games but my boys have been really resilient. They work hard and play hard every time they get a chance, and I am very proud of them for that,”  Varsity coach, Coach Scott Fisher said.“As far as CIF’s go, we are very excited to play, we are looking forward to playing RB in the playoffs as well. We have big moments ahead of us.” 

Top point scorer and captain, senior Cole Stephens has had quite the year. “I have had a lot of fun being one of the top scorers and leaders on the team. Although COVID has been difficult, we have a very resilient group of guys. I have enjoyed this season and what our team has brought to the court.” 

Junior Varsity has not had the easiest time either. While being shut down multiple times, that has not stopped our teams worth ethic.

 “It has been pretty crazy. We have been shut down for ten days due to COVID-19 and have had other teams shut down as well. But we are still trying to play fast, and improve within the last bit of the season we have left,” junior varsity coach Greg McClelland said.

 COVID has caused a huge shift in the education system, as well as high school sports. The boys have been getting tested every week to keep safe and to continue on their streak for this year. 

 “I have had a great time playing basketball this year and I am so glad that we were given the incredible opportunity to play this season, as well as compete with each other!” junior varsity point guard, Mikey Knapp, a two year athlete. Knapp has been playing ball since he was a little kid. As one of the top point scorers on the JV team, Knapp continues to bring his radiance of positive energy onto the court. 

“It is all about just getting out there and having a blast, while trying to compete at the highest level, and approve on the way to the top,” forward Ryan MacDougall said. McDougall has continued throughout the season to improve. While being a key contributor to the team, he has a positive attitude, and brings this energy onto the court and reflects it off onto the team. 

Our team pursues the idea of perseverance while continuing to push through this season no matter the challenge. From COVID cases to torn muscles, the basketball team keeps up the positive attitude and uses their determination as motivation to take home the wins. If you are able, try and go out to support and cheer on our basketball teams!