Class of 2021: End of an Era

Four long years and an entire pandemic later, the class of 2021 is finally ready to graduate. I, along with many others of our senior class, am fully prepared to finish up high school and move on to the next phase of our lives.

As the class of 2021, it would seem as if we almost got the worst impact from COVID since we lost out on the rest of our junior year and almost 80 percent of our senior year, and there were many things we had to adapt to as things drastically changed.

After the disappointment of the previous school year’s end, many are relieved to see classic senior activities coming back such as the senior picnic, the senior pep-rally, grad night, and a real graduation. 

It is almost like all of these activities came back just at the right time to send us seniors off with a bang. On top of that, many different groups on campus are getting ready to give up the reins to the next grade.

Seniors who have been in ASB since their freshman year are now handing down the torch to the next group of leaders. Athletes who have played for Poway the past four years are saying their goodbyes to coaches and teammates.

We are moving on in life and pretty soon we are all going to have to make a name for ourselves in this world. Whether moving on to college, entering the workforce or just simply taking a break, one’s goal should be to better themselves each and every day whether it’s making money, making new relationships or simply just working out.

Just thinking of when the time comes and we all meet up for a high school reunion, seeing how everyone has grown individually and changed in their own ways is an exciting thought. We will all come back together and rejoice on all the crazy memories of high school.

It is indeed the end of an era as we prepare to say our goodbyes. However, there is no time to be sad or scared for what the future holds as it is a new and exciting beginning for us seniors as we prepare to jump into the next phase of life.