Were the 2021 AP Exams Unfair for students?


Another year has passed, and thousands of high school students are worried about their AP exams. Some decided to take their exams in person, while others chose online testing, but there’s a wave of anxiety for all students taking exams this year. Many feel unprepared for the long exams awaiting them. 

I know that for myself the material was not sticking at all, and no matter how hard I try, It seems it never will. I cannot imagine what it is like for students who had to deal with internet issues, technology issues, teacher issues, and more. 

This year, sitting down two days before my exam, I don’t feel prepared at all. Everything about this past school year was virtual, and the crucial times to learn new material pertinent to the final exam had been over a zoom call.

It looks like 2022 will be a better year for students, as they will get to experience in-person learning and have more opportunities to learn and understand the course materials. I think having a full length exam without getting those experiences was not the best option for us students. 

 I would not say it was the world’s fault for things changing so drastically, but the current situation didn’t foster much educational growth. I’m not here to say that the AP exams are unfair, it was expected for the College Board to go back to its regular level of difficulty, but I think this change reverting to the old test style could have been stalled for another year.

As May ends, so do the AP Exams. One memory from this year and last is the expectation of students to do one silly exam in the face of a world falling apart.