Girls lacrosse back in action!

This poway high varsity team is back and committed to having a great season!


Jessilyn Wilson

Senior Erin Steinhour carries the ball through a horde of defenders looking to score

With their win against La Costa Canyon on May 4, the varsity girls’ lacrosse team is currently 6-3, winning their last five games.
They have managed to swerve around obstacles thrown their way during this pandemic. Having practices six days a week can be a challenge, due to the constant change in weather from cold, to rainy, to extremely hot temperatures but this does not stop the girls from consistently arriving to practice and putting in the work.
Their work has definitely paid off because one of junior Isa Whites favorite moments from the season so far was at their very first game in La Jolla. At 6:30 p.m. on March 25 the whistle blew and the ref signaled for the game to start, the girls were ready dressed in green and grey from head to toe eager to start the game. Poway won possession of the ball, and quickly after, Isa managed to obtain the ball and run down towards the goal with the ball held securely in her stick. As she reached closer to the goal box she glanced up and realized her little sister, Teya, was wide open so she proceeded to make a perfect assist to her. Isa passed the ball directly to her sister, and Teya chucked the ball right into the goal. Everyone was so excited because that was their very first goal of the season.
This varsity team has already crushed most of their season.
“Lax has been very fun this year although it was really nerve racking because it was my first year on varsity, but as always, it’s fun to be part of a team. This year with COVID we’ve really learned to play and practice to the fullest because of all the time we lost last year,” junior Hailey Green said.
Senior Captain Elissa Muller is glad she can spend her last year playing with girls she has played with since middle school. “While it is not a normal senior year, I am grateful that we have a season, so I’m excited for senior night to celebrate the end of my four years on varsity.”
Due to all the COVID restrictions it has been hard for many sports to start again, however lacrosse was granted the ability to practice and have games although it will be a shorter season.
“We are honestly really fortunate that we were allowed to play, so we take every day as a privilege,” Captain Elissa Muller said.
These girls seem to have a great bond within each other as well as with their coaches dispute the short season.
“We are a really close team as players, and we’re close with our coaches as well, so along with playing the sport I love I can also play with a ton of girls I love,” Isa White said.
They have faced many setbacks, including games, “always getting cancelled and rescheduled due to the pandemic,” according to Isa White. “Our game got canceled against El Camino because they were exposed.”
Although some of their games were canceled and practice time is limited, this team managed to go from losing their very first game to winning almost every game after that.
“Our team has learned to become flexible because practice times are always being changed due to field time and sharing with other sports like girls’ soccer, track, and boys’ lacrosse, which we never had to deal with before,” Isa White said.