Ashley Perez, Staff Writer

As the varsity gymnastics team starts to get back in action this small but mighty team is ready to crush the season. They have managed to leap through any and all obstacles thrown their way. This team has already had two meets and since they can not compete against anyone, there is simply no winner, but this still offers a great learning experience for the girls.
“I am most looking forward to growing with my team and seeing us all improve and hopefully compete,” Senior Captain Emma Wahlsten said.
These girls have been working hard to build up their skills and stamina, even through the pandemic. Wahlsten says, “we are still practicing 6 days a week for two hours, and sometimes it goes a little later because we lose track of time. The only change is of course the masks.”
“It looks like we’re going to be having in house competitions this year, so no other schools will be there but a judge will come out and watch us do our routines here at the school” says Wahlsten, but this change in meets does not seem to stop this varsity team from doing their best. Since the team is only competing against themselves there is no true winner, which is unfortunate, so the meets are solely a learning experience.
Varsity Captain, Senior Jordyn Hoyt discusses that, “even though it’s an individual sport we are a team and that is essential. If someone is having an off day we work as a team to pick them up and get them pumped up for the next event.”
Clearly, these girls have created such a strong bond within each other which is essential for such a physically demanding sport like gymnastics.
Senior Denise Madrid states that in this season she is most looking forward to “bonding with the rest of my teammates, it’s really important that we all get along and all get really close because it’s what makes us a stronger team.”