Pro Sports Allowing Fans Back


The San Diego Padres clinch the postseason on Sunday, Sept. 20 at Petco Park.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced on March 5 that beginning April 1, fans would be allowed into outdoor sporting events, concerts, and other events at a small capacity, and this is an important and safe step to returning to normalcy. With all of the California MLB and MLS franchises allowing fans for their season’s opening day, there is obvious concern about how stadiums will keep fans safe and whether it is safe to open these venues.
But, with the flattening curve of coronavirus cases in California and the measures being put in place in these stadiums, allowing fans back in should not pose any sort of substantial risk.
All stadiums are maintaining social distancing and mask rules, along with the reduced fan capacity. With red tier counties allowing 20% capacity in their stadiums and orange tier counties allowing 33% capacity, there will be plenty of room in these stadiums to implement these measures.
Only outdoor sporting events are allowed to open to fans right now in California. This is because of the open air atmosphere of these roofless venues, which allows prime air circulation in the stands. This will provide a safe environment for fans in their distanced sections, with an extremely low chance of coronavirus circulating from group to group.
All fans will be seated a minimum of six feet apart, with individually determined groups being held to a maximum of six people. This creates a safe, distanced environment for everyone in the stadium, while still allowing fans to enjoy the game with those that are in the same personal bubble as them.
Masks will be required at all times, unless eating or drinking, and concessions will be ordered and brought to fans in their seats. This prevents the crossing of paths of fans as much as possible, allowing for the minimum amount of contact between all fans as possible.
With players all tested daily and kept in their own bubble, and fans spread apart safely, the best of both the pre- and post-pandemic world are being put together here. Grocery stores are not anywhere close to as safe as the environments being created in these stadiums.
Safety and the slowing of the coronavirus is still the most important thing in today’s world, and this is no exception. But, with all of these measures in place, there should not be any problem with allowing fans back into these great stadiums, and the gloomy times for sports fans will get a little bit brighter.