Girls Soccer Returns!

As girls soccer finally starts to resume, it is like a light at the end of the tunnel.


Raelyn Cornell, Staff Writer

After their season was cut short last year due to COVID-19, girls soccer finally made its return with their first game on March 22, 2021. Varsity takes home a 1-0 win, against Scripps, starting their season off strong!

. This is one of the many sports that has returned this year, and even with protocols and restrictions, the teams are beyond thankful to be having a season. Because of limited field space and COVID limitations, there is no freshman team this year, but that has not stopped the freshman from persevering. 

“It is such a learning experience for me to be able to practice and play with the upperclassmen. Coming out as a freshman has been a challenge but something I have been working towards these past years. I can’t wait to get more experience with the varsity girls and improve my game!” Freshmen Megan Sgalio said.

This past year has been quite challenging, especially for incoming freshmen,the adrenaline these individuals are going through, especially while playing on varsity.

“These past years have made my high school experience, and I am beyond sad to see it start to come to an end. I am so grateful however to have made some great friends and play the sport I love the most. I also cannot wait to further my soccer career at SDSU!” senior Trinity Coker states. 

Coker has been  a key player since her freshman year, and has also been a welcoming teammate to the newbies coming in. 

Ashley Clark, another senior on varsity plays center mid, and continues to take control of the middle. 

“Soccer has always been a huge part of my life, and being able to play for the high school team has been so much fun. I loved meeting new people and making new friends!” Clark said. Varsity so far has won all three of their games, and plans to continue winning. The season may not be as long as we would like, but the privilege to even be able to play is something every player is thankful for!