The Girlbosses of Poway High

Meet the Editors Making this Year’s Yearbook


Elisha Christensen, Staff Writer

Usually creating a Yearbook is a piece of cake. Students, stories, and writers are all on campus for eight hours; making it easier to contact people and get things done quicker. But with the Pandemic, the classroom setting is now gone. Editors must scramble to get contact information for people and photographers must capture enough moments while it lasts. The work may be hard, but the Yearbook staff has been trailblazing a path of perfection. 

Editing yearbooks may look like a challenging task to complete; students have to take photos, edit pages and spreads, and get all the work done by a deadline. “It has been fun and hectic,” Editor-in-Chief Nicole Matias said. But, for the editors of The Odyssey, “we all just have to work together to make sure the whole book stays consistent,” Editor-in-Chief Christin Warczakowski said. 

While other students have written their articles and placed photos, the Yearbook editors do so much more. Not only do they critique other students’ pages, but they also come in and fix inevitable mistakes and make it all uniform. “It can be slightly overwhelming,” Warczakowski said. “You have twenty spreads to look at.”

With the pandemic, things have become trickier. “You can’t just walk up to the person you need to interview,” Warczakowski said. 

Communication is vital for a successful yearbook staff, but at times the work does resemble individual work. “The pandemic has made us be reliant on each other’s communication through zoom,” Matias said, “but since the beginning of the year, it has become easier.”

This year has put a hold on many things, sports and clubs, the topics of usual yearbook pages. “So many events got canceled, which made it really hard to get pictures sometimes,” Editor-in-Chief Lorelei Barry said. 

Given that things are starting to reopen right now, almost all of the sports are starting up at the same time, adding pressure to the staff and editors to finish the deadline. “Making the deadlines is very hard, and honestly, most of the time, we don’t even make them,” Warczakowski said. But, “it always works out in the end,” Barry said. 

The yearbook editors have it all under control. The finished product always looks fantastic, and it is nice to see hard work pay off. “I love the idea that in decades my classmates will look back at their yearbooks and relive some highlights of their lives,” Warczakowski said. 

One Pandemic or not; yearbook students, especially editors,  invest their lives into the yearbook.