Twins Take on Tennis

Ashley Perez, Staff writer

   Twins Angelina and Tiana Belway have been playing tennis since they were little kids, and began playing as doubles at the age of 12. They grew a love for the sport together and decided to try out for the tennis team at Poway High.

   Their love and talent for the sport was recognized  by coaches, and the twins were made JV team captains during their 2019- 2020 season! The Belway twins were named the #1 doubles team on JV during that same season. They also achieved the highest win percentage on the team with their 88% average. 

   “I really like that I can play with Tiana because we communicate and work well together,” Angelina Belway said. Being able to communicate so well and have the same rhythm has been a great advantage for the twins as they are able to work together better than everyone else, resulting in their high accuracy/win average.

   “ The thing I enjoy most about being on the team with my sister is that we got to be captains together, making it an even better experience as a whole,” Tiana Belway.

     Both Angelina and Tiana expressed that their love for the game would not be the same without each other, and that they “would not be nearly as good” without one another. The tennis team is currently practicing and preparing for their first game against scripps ranch high school.