Is Tom Brady the GOAT?


Gael Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Is Tom Brady the greatest football player of all time among all other players in the NFL? I am a  fan of Tom Brady, but not  the teams he has played for, nevertheless I will admit that he makes the teams he plays for succeed. It’s hard to call one single player the greatest of all time since there are so many different positions and many great players in different time eras, but Tom Brady has definitely proven to be one of the most successful players on the field.

Since he was drafted to play for the Patriots in 2000, he has made his mark on that team as well as the NFL entirely. Brady is the greatest winner the NFL has ever seen. He has set many records in his career such as career passing yards, regular-season touchdown passes, career touchdowns, most Superbowl MVP awards, most Super Bowl appearances, Most Superbowl wins, and the list goes on forever.

Brady has proven that no matter what team he plays on, he can win the Superbowl. The Buccaneers signed Brady for a 2-year contract in 2019 with hopes of making it to the Superbowl since they haven’t made it to the postseason since 2007, and they did just that. After only playing one season with the Bucs Brady managed to take his team to the playoffs and eventually win.

Although it is hard to choose one player to be the greatest of all time, Tom Brady has definitely earned his spot in the Hall of Fame and has proven himself to be one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history. He has managed to accomplish a lot and shows no signs of stopping.