Freshman Take Over Race Day

Cross Country Freshman Steal the Spotlight


Toshi Shiotani, Staff Writer

This year for the cross country season, Poway is lucky enough to recruit outstanding freshman runners. Reese Gould and Collin Klein are among the few new runners who have started their season on varsity and have been able to make their mark on the team.

It is rare for newcomers to join the team and be immediately put on varsity, but this year Collin and Reese are easily capable of hanging with the very best. In the beginning of the year, Cross country uses a time trial to gauge a runner’s speed. When these runners participated they demonstrated their strength and proved to be Varsity level runners.

Freshman typically struggle their first year learning something in a new environment, but not these runners. “I started running since fourth grade, so it comes naturally,” freshman Collin Klein said.  

Experienced runners like these two are having no problem adapting. They are making the best of being the varsity group as they improve themselves and their relationships with the upperclassmen.

”I have been running since elementary school and love it!” Reese Gould said.  They are always giving their best effort and they often can be seen towards the front of their group. 

Being on varsity as a freshman is definitely something to brag about,  and so far all the freshmen on varsity have enjoyed their time in the group. In varsity you are trained beyond belief mentally and physically. ”I like running with the older and faster girls because they are always pushing me to be better and I’m always pushing myself to stay with them,” Gould said. “I like training with varsity, I like having to push myself and I think that it is making me a better runner,” Klein added.

Freshman and all runners in general face challenges. Some are more serious than others like injury, but all challenges and the way someone handles them are important indicators for the future. ”For me the toughest challenges included pushing through injuries and staying motivated,” said Gould. “The greatest challenge for me is having to run against kids who are older,” Klein concluded. In most cases, freshmen aren’t used to the highschool levels but these students are doing their best and are persevering. 


In the first race, Poway was up against some tough competition, but that didn’t stop our newcomers. Collin got seventh for poway and twelfth in the race and Reese got fifth for poway and eighth overall. That proves that these freshmen have great potential, so make sure to watch for them in the upcoming years.