On Your Marks…

As things start to return to a common normalcy, swim starts their season off.


After a long year, swimming finally gets their long awaited season. They kicked it off  with their first meet on Feb. 25. When COVID-19 threw a curveball, swimming season was postponed, and there was only a few weeks of a2020 season, but swimmers are hopeful about a return to normalcy. 

The swimmers are filled with excitement and stress as they continue to prepare for the season.  “I’m just really excited that we finally get to do meets again since we only got two last season. Meets are the best part of being on the team, and I’m glad we are fortunate enough to have a season!,” sophomore Logan Alsop said. As a sophomore on varsity,  she continues to tell how grateful she is for that opportunity. 

Another one of Poway High’s star swimmers, Calie Ngai, is also a sophomore on our varsity swim team. “I was honestly super surprised we even got a season this year so I am really thankful for it, and it should be super fun. It kind of makes me feel like I’m in freshman year again. I am overall just really thankful that I can see my team again,” varsity sophomore Calie Ngai said.. 

In addition, Gwyneth Galik, another sophomore on varsity states, “I am excited to actually have a season this year and get back into the pool.” With the season’s slow return, the team is excited to dive right back into their grind. 

The start of the swim season gives everyone around an ounce of faith, and puts out hope of the return of other sports. After losing their season, everyone on the team is excited to see each other prosper and to finally reunite and as a team.