Poway gets their cheer back

Jacob Diaz, Staff Writer

“Go Titans Go!” The spirit shown by the cheerleaders during games can bring explosive reactions from the bleachers to the players in games. COVID-19 has set restrictions on sports and their schedule games, but cheerleaders have been using that extra time to train and are filled with excitement to get back out on the field and perform.

Although cheer practice is limited, they are taking precaution in any way they can, “We do Zooms to accommodate for people who aren’t comfortable to come in to in-person practice,” cheerleader Melaina Bayerle said. 

Taking precautions like in person or being on Zoom for their helps make sure the whole team is prepared for the upcoming season. 

COVID-19 has affected the cheer team in many ways but they work through it as much as they can. “We have been working on new dances and cheers to hopefully perform for the school one we get back, but unfortunately we can’t stunt because we have to stay six feet apart. We have been using the FWRD+ fitness outdoor pavilion to practice,” Cheer Captain Lainie Carter said. 

Since the school is restricted from practicing there due to COVID-10, the cheer team found another option and will continue to practice as much as they can at FWRD+ fitness. The cheer team is prepared and has hope to perform once we are back in school.