Japan Goes Forward with the 2021 Olympics

Camille Franks, Staff writer

    The 2021 Olympics had been postponed indefinitely to COVID, until January 22. The IOC (International Olympic Committee) and Japan announced that they would go forward with this year’s summer games despite COVID concerns. Although they are anticipating criticism, they wanted the games to be a symbol of humanity overcoming the unprecedented coronavirus, and a chance to showcase Japan’s reconstruction from the 2011 earthquake and tsunami to the world.

   Guidelines have also been put up for viewers safety. 

   They include no cheering or singing, no handshakes, hugs or high fives, and no riding public transportation — not without special permission, at least. Additionally, There will be temperature checks at all venues, and masks must be worn at all times indoors except while eating, drinking or sleeping. Visitors from abroad will need to form a list of all the people they have made close contact with during the 4 day quarantine period. Plus, if fans are eventually allowed to attend, it will be recommended that they show support for athletes by clapping instead of cheering, chanting and shouting. 

   Athletes must test negative for Covid-19 within 72 hours of their departure for Japan and will then be subject to another test upon arrival. Preposing that tests will still be negative, athletes will then be allowed to participate in training and competition. Athletes are expected to arrive in Tokyo no earlier than 5 days before their competition and will be encouraged to leave within days of finishing their events. 

   The Olympics should be postponed because covid cases are at its peak and things have only been getting worse. Despite the guidelines, there are still many risks that make the games unsafe. Its hard for athletes to wear masks when doing physical exercise which is one factor and plus attendees might not have symptoms but still have covid. There’s no way of knowing.

    But despite this some believe having the summer games with guidelines wouldn’t hurt since people have been quarantined with nothing to look forward too and others think that having Olympics during a pandemic is foolish and dumb. Having the 2021 summer Olympics will most likely create a controversial debate between the IOC and it’s viewers. But even then, we still await the exciting games that will be coming up this summer.