Upcoming Sports Seasons

Allie D'Acquisto, Staff writer

   As COVID rates begin to decline in San Diego, CIF has finally opened up the opportunity for many of the high schools’  non-contact sports to start up their seasons. Poway High School’s Athletic Director Damian Gonzalez, coaches and all student athletes are beyond thrilled to be back up and running. 

   CIF has divided sports seasons for the year into “waves.”. This first wave of sports is on track to begin competing as early as late February. These sports include Swim and Dive, Cross Country, Track, Boys and Girls Golf, and Tennis. 

“Starting sports is fantastic for students. Many of our students have been struggling staying at home and they need an outlet for physical and mental health,” Gonzalez said. 

   Many wonder how exactly this will work. What has been established universally with every sport, is that temperature checks, masks, and social distancing protocols will be present at every practice. In addition, in order to maintain a healthy environment for the athletes of PHS and other schools, there will be no spectators in the crowd at this time. However, the administration is working hard to eventually make that a possibility. 

   “At this time, kids cannot belong to two teams at once, but when they finish one, then they can start another,” Gonzalez said. 

   This gives hope to athletes involved in sports in the first wave who also may be interested in one brought potentially with the next. 

   Cross Country has taken off with a running start to their season. Their first meet will be on Feb. 13. Unlike in the past, races will be taking places at schools instead of an off-site course. This eight week season will consist of three home meets at PHS and two away. 

   “Everyone’s super excited to have somewhat of a season!” junior runner Sophie Chittle stated.  

   Swim and Dive started up practice in the first week of February and the pool is filled for try-outs. Athletes on both sides of the pool have jumped right into hard work, as the swimmers try to land their spot on the team and dive (consisting of mostly returners) welcomes a new coach, Marchelle Thomsonn. their competition season will be launched by their first meet on Feb. 25. 

   Tennis intends to start their season with tryouts on Feb. 15. The coaches and athletes are not yet fully sure what the practices and season will look like, but they know for sure everyone is eager to get started.

    “I’m excited to get back and start playing again!” junior Angelina Belway expressed. 

   Track has also been building up the resources needed to start their season. “The season should look pretty good, we have some freshmen coming in, which is exciting, and all of us who missed our season last year are excited to finally get one now,” junior Alyssa Bean stated. Track is planning to space out lanes during practices and meets as well as using masks between running in order to take proper COVID precautions. 

   Girls’ Golf is not only is starting up their season, but they are starting it with their new coach Maddy Zack. “We’re super excited to start the season and excited to meet our new coach,” Senior Sophie McNeil-Spooner said.,They intend on wearing masks for the entirety of their practices, and maintaining a sign in chart along with temperature checks each practice. 

   Many students — players and fans — are wondering, “Will we get a football season?” Football not only is one of the biggest social events of high school, but brings in a lot of money for the school. As of right now, CIF has not given schools the go-ahead to start the season. However, PHS football players have been hard at work almost since the school year started to get ready for a season that may or may not happen. They plan to be  ready to get started as soon as the State of California gives them that go ahead. 

   “There has been so many difficulties regarding whether or not if we’re going to have a season this year, but now that we’re practicing again, there’s hope that we will finally be able to play” junior Varsity player Carlos Betancourt stated. 

   Athletes everywhere are now getting to be involved in that one crucial part of high school they love. This is a very good sign that will be extremely rewarding for so many people. PHS admin, students, and parents are in for a season that may not look the same, but will certainly be more important than ever.