PUSD’s first district wide club, the RE-Project trying to change the world

The RE-Project and the difference they want to make


The Re-Project PUSD filmmaking team

The RE Project’s first video segment.

RE-Project PUSD a group of high school students across the district to create and publish digital media with the intent of making change happen. The club wants to bring students a better awareness of the world around them and why they should care about the issues that do not directly affect them.

Perhaps list some of the topics of the videos? They spread the message that it is okay to have different opinions on issues, but we should understand other sides first in order to make an effective change. 

The RE Project is a new club. Allison Huang, a junior at Del Norte High School started this project and welcomed students, film-makers, photographers, and graphic designers from all different high schools to join. 

Huang wanted to start this club for others because “In such a time of political and social polarization I think a lot of other students and I felt that a lot of the conversations that were going on were one-sided. We really want to foster empathy and understanding so that meaningful, effective change can take place in people’s hearts,” she said. 

They upload videos on their social media accounts, like Youtube and Instagram. The first topic they addressed was “Can non-BLM and BLM supporters see eye to eye?” They have more videos coming to their audience in the future. So far they have talked about the Black Lives Matter Movements and students’ opinions on COVID 19 and how much of an effect it’s had on them.  

 “We brought together six PUSD students with similarities and differences to have a conversation going and see if we can all respect each other and our valued opinions,” Huang stated. 

The goal is to bring together students who are educated in the topic and hear what everyone has to say and then come to an understanding and level of respecting each other on what their beliefs are. 

Poway High senior Lauren Finch has been interested in photography for several years now, and when she saw that this project needed a photographer she quickly applied. She photographs different pictures that the club uses for their videos and social media accounts. She also photographs many sunsets, views, and portraits of herself and other individuals. “I enjoy being the photographer for the project because I am sharing my skills with a team that is making a difference in our community. I get the opportunity to do what I love, taking photos and applying to a project that will leave a lasting impact,” Finch stated. 

This project has helped many PUSD high school students share their opinions and experiences with their fellow classmates and students from another high school. “I love the central message and direction of the club, and didn’t want to miss out on being a part of the club,” Finch said.

The RE-Project PUSD is the first district-wide media team and is here to create a better world for themselves and their fellow peers. They encourage students to use their voices to make a difference and change in the world.