Dress to impress, yourself

Wear what you want


Andrew Fitzgerald

What is a better outfit choice for the holidays?

     2020 has been  a different breed of a year with so many crazy things occurring, and yet a man in a dress was the next big topic? Wearing a grey dress with a sports jacket is that groundbreaking? Our society needs to focus on more important issues, not on a person who is trying to live their life the way they want to.

     So, what is it that makes people wearing what they want a bad thing? For some reason, there has always been a set-in-stone vision of how each gender needs to look and dress. I believe people should be able to dress however they choose. Yet, some people really seem to enjoy picking on others and forcing their views upon them. Now that we live in ever-changing 2020, people are beginning to truly express themselves in ways that make them happy.

     The recent story about Harry Styles wearing a dress gained mass popularity very quickly. Styles, a well-known singer-songwriter, was photographed and placed on Vogue Magazine because he wore “female” clothing. Many took to social media to express their very personal opinions upon the matter. Although he received hatred from some, a solid majority of people were in support of him.

     People have the right to do whatever it is that makes them happy as long as they are not breaking any laws. I am all for Styles’s new style, as he is breaking down boundaries that were previously rarely toyed with. He is the voice for those who are “different” from the norm, and some of his supporters will no longer fear expressing who they are.

     How does someone wearing what they like have any effect on anyone else? If you ask me, there should be literally no effect at all. But for some reason our society holds on to so many norms that were set generations ago. 

     Many things have changed over time, while other things have remained, but in the end more acceptance is what needs to happen. There are almost eight billion people in the world, so there are plenty of different beliefs and ideals. What we need is empathy and acceptance, not hatred and cruelty.