Small Businesses Dealing with the Pandemic

Examining the Situation


Benni Takloo, owner of Salon Smart, standing in front of her business, proud and confident.

This global pandemic has impacted everyone, and businesses and schools have been struggling. Small businesses in particular have been fighting to stay open.

Some businesses have been thriving and some have shut down. However nearly all small businesses have taken a hit. 

Salon Smart on Poway road in particular, has seen fewer clients. It is a hair and eyebrow threading salon, and has gone from many clients at a time, to now by appointment only. Meaning only about seven to eight people a day, when it used to be from 20 to 25. “I worry about being able to make enough money to pay bills and feed my kids,” says Benni Takloo, the owner.

Restrictions to small businesses include wearing a mask, keeping a distance, and not crowding inside a store.

This pandemic affects small businesses differently. Amir Ghasaban, the owner of Juice Smoothie on Espola, a shop where smoothies, juices, ice cream, drinks, and snacks are sold, says business has not changed. “I still have my regular customers, and it’s usually not crowded in my small shop, so I don’t worry about people not being able to keep a distance,”he said.

A grant by the government to help small businesses pay employers has been offered, but applying is difficult. There are a lot of requirements and many small business owners say it won’t help much. 

A Donut Shop and New York Pizza have shut down near Twin Peaks after not being able to afford to stay open.  “It really sucks that people have to go through this, I really hope better times are coming!” junior Sophia Ching said. 

In the end, we are all here to support our local businesses, and wish them the best of luck.