Watching the Calls or Walking the Halls?

Robert Houshan, Staff Writer

Do you want to go back to school in these times or stay in an online system?

At the start of this epidemic many individuals were strongly against the online school system and were ancy to get back into school. Opinions change over time though, and students have decided to share their thoughts on our current situation.

“I would like to stay in the online system since it’s much easier to focus in my classes and on my tests. I’m able to work at my own pace and manage my time much better.”
-Sophomore Christian Gentilucci


“I would like to go back to school as safe and soon as possible because I miss seeing my friends every day. I also find that I learn better in a proper learning environment rather than on a computer at home.”
-Sophomore Lillie Cornwall


“I would prefer to go back as soon as possible since I personally think the online system is terrible and is making learning much harder (repeats). It’s super hard to focus and not get distracted when I’m at home with so many distractions.”
-Senior Austin Born


“I would much prefer to go to school again since online is overall much harder and causes me to struggle a lot more.I miss my socializing very much since I really treasure talking to my friends every day and getting to have such fun interactions.”
-Junior Annalie Tutt


“Honestly I would probably go back to school because I don’t like online school,I liked the environment much better than being stuck in my chair all day in this uncomfortable environment.”
-Senior Siegmund Baeker


“I would want to go back to school because I miss hanging out with my friends a lot and I was looking forward to my first year of high school with the new campus activities. That’s why I would mainly like to go back, so I can enjoy my freshman experience.”
-Freshman Parker Jacksons