Poway High Field Hockey Begins

Field hockey prepares for late start to 2020-21 season.


Gael Gonzalez, Staff Writer

The feeling when taking that ball to the opposing team’s goal and scoring is unmatched. Field hockey will be starting up soon, Nov. 9 to be exact, giving hope that everything will soon start returning to “normal.”

Starting Nov. 9 Poway Girls Field Hockey began their in- school practices, abiding by COVID-19 protocols. The girls will be required to wear mask when they are not on the field playing, and although pre season is starting there is still no word on weather or not they will have games yet. Additionally, to prevent so many people being on the field they are going to split up varsity and jv instead of practicing on the same field.

Many coaches and players are feeling both eager and nervous of season starting up. They don’t know what to expect yet but they are still willing to go into this experience with an open mind. “I’ve made so many memories during field hockey season freshman and sophomore year, it really played a big role in my fall experience at Poway High and I’m glad it’s starting up again,” senior varsity player Kate Bylsma said.

Players are excited about initiation of the season in early November, “I can’t wait to be back out there on the field, I miss practicing with my friends every day, practicing by myself got boring fast,” division one commit Morgan Kallmann said. 

Give more facts.  When are their first games scheduled? “I’m truly excited for pre-season and just to get out on the field again with everyone and play the sport we all love!” exclaimed varsity starter Ally Kowalski. Sports teams have been affected by COVID but many athletes are happy to see that things are solely progressing and returning to the way they once were.