Poway High Tackles Football Season in January

What Will This Different Season Look Like?


Varsity football players practicing drills. The students are preparing for the upcoming season. (Demi Smith)

Masks cover everyone’s faces. The stands are empty and no student section is happily cheering the football players on. This may be the new reality when it comes to football season. Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, every aspect of students’ lives has changed. When it comes to sports, seasons look strange and are nothing like before. 

This year’s football season is set to go back this winter with their first game on Jan. 8 and carry a full-length season all the way to mid-March. It is unclear if fans are going to be allowed to attend the crowd in the stands. 

“This season will definitely feel a little different, especially if there is no one in the stands cheering us on,” junior and varsity player Carlos Betancourt said. 

With or without fans, the stadium is ready. Poway High School has recently added brighter lights, a better speaker system, and a brand new box to improve the overall quality of football games. 

On top of all that, they have a new varsity coach, Kyle Williams.“With the new coach, a lot has changed. There are new plays and new techniques that I’ve never seen or done before. I’m really looking forward to this upcoming season with all of the new improvements,” varsity linebacker Christian McGowan said. 

To prepare for January, the players are practicing during their off-season about three times a week. At this time, athletes are in small groups with masks while attending practices. Their official season practices start on Dec. 14.

Although circumstances have changed, the support from students will always be high in cheering on the prized football team, whether fans are at the games or not. 

“No matter where we are supporting our classmates from, my spirits will be the same. I’m so excited to support our football team again,” junior Nateal Jackson said.