Why Biden is More Qualified for President as Opposed to Trump


David Lienemann

Joe Biden stands next to the American Flag for his official 2013 portrait. He smiles proudly, hoping to represent our country after this election.

Donald Trump, the current president of the United States, does not care about you or your issues: in fact the only things he cares about are his public image and himself.

I am sure many people would agree with me that neither presidential candidate is ideal, mostly because they are both old white men with health issues. However, that should not take away from the fact that Trump has no idea what he is doing, what he has done, or what he will do with the country. Biden plans to give American citizens affordable healthcare, tackle climate change, have a clean energy future, Improve racial economic equality, safely open schools, have full participation and equality for people with disabilities, etc.  Over the past four years, Trump has clearly delivered empty promises to the citizens of our country, and he continues to change his plans for the future in every interview and tweet. He has never been organized, and he has yet to prove that he is capable of being  productive. 

Joe Biden has many plans that could be very beneficial to our country and to many minorities. Some are concerned about over taxation under Biden, but for the average American, the tax rates will not change if you make under a $400,000 dollar yearly salary. 

Along with this, Biden has set plans to help with student debt and Police reform as well. Trump’s lack of initiative has caused one of the biggest economic recessions since World War II, and over 200,000 American citizens’ lives have been lost. 

Trump claims that Biden’s America will consist of riots and looting, but he fails to realize that the riots are currently happening in  his America, not Biden’s. He also fails to realize that in Biden’s America, there will be more acceptance and rights for people of color, to the point where there is no need for riots and looting. 

If you care about people’s rights whether they be related to reproduction, gender, sexuality, skin color, and religion, then I urge you, vote Trump out of office. Trump claims to be a patriot, but he is a fraud. He has even acknowledged not paying $916 million dollars in federal income tax. 

Our country does not need to be controlled by an Islamophobic, queerphobic, xenophobic, sexist, greedy, narcissistic, and unqualified individual. Biden may not be perfect, but he is by far a more reliable, experienced, and caring person as opposed to Trump and he should be elected president in November.