Project Nourish SD Adds Flavor to Poway

New Shake and Tea Place is Absolutely Genius

Project Nourish SD, is a new healthy beverage place that leaves you wanting more. 

Once you enter the small but warming room located on Poway road, you’re greeted by smiling workers who steer you into the unique way to place an order. This ordering process starts by choosing a shake, and there are about 6 different options, ranging from chocolate to new pumpkin spice flavors. 

I got to try the Brownie Batter shake, a chocolatey yet healthy shake, and the Strawberry Watermelon tea, a sweet and sour combination, and I can gladly say I was very satisfied. 

People are able to choose what they want in their shakes including shots of espresso, fiber, or even protein to really shake things up! I really liked that they topped the shakes off with some sort of delicious toppings such as chocolate chips, graham crackers, and many more!

The price of the drinks was $9, however, you luckily only get to pay for one of the drinks. With the chosen shake, you get another drink: tea. The best part is that the tea is totally free! 

There are many different teas to choose from including their tea of the month, “witches brew”, A blue raspberry pomegranate tea that’s colored green and dark blue to add that Halloween touch!

After the order is taken, the workers make your order and get it done right away. 

  The Hulk, a lemon-lime and blue raspberry tea was definitely a favorite for junior Nour Frangieh, “I like how big they are and the amount of energy is in it without any caffeine”. 

“The Sour Patch tea is also one of the best drinks. It’s perfectly sweet and very tasty with a bit of sour in it,” according to Frangieh.

Frangieh is obsessed with Project Nourish because of the tasty drinks and kind

employees. “Their drinks are very good and the employees there are super nice, and if you go often, you start to make a connection with them. They treat you like a friend, and it’s always amazing”.

At Project Nourish the people are nice, and the drinks are delicious, and they make people feel good.

Damian Garcia Dorame