A Look into Zach Furlano´s Life

School and Sports pretty much define Zach Furlano. Furlano is a 14 year old freshman at Poway High and plays baseball. This year is much different for Zach with school and sports. every week day he is balancing online school and then sports after school three times a week. He says his biggest hurdle has been this new online school thing. “I haven’t been able to talk to my teachers and get help as much asI usually would if we were in-person”. 

 He says he is managing to keep his grades up in his first month in high school. It is “a little bit of a different start to the school year than I had in my mind 7-8 months ago,” he said.                                                                                                                                                                                    

He is also trying to grasp all the new rules of baseball. Furlano plays year- round on the San Diego Crush , a baseball travel team out of Poway. There are now hand sanitizing stations and regular temperature checks, and masks are required at all times, unless you’re playing in the game. 

He noted other factors such as not getting to play other teams at all right now due to restrictions..”It has limited our gametime, so we can’t get a lot of experience right now.”

 Zach is gearing up for his first baseball season on the freshman team, as long as it does not get cancelled later this spring. 

“Being a freshman athlete is so different than what I’m used to,” he said. But Zach says he will make every opportunity count for the most experience.