From speaking multiple languages to representing Poway High School as a Titan Ambassador, there’s nothing Poway high school senior Melody Khoshneviszadeh can not do.

Khoshneviszadeh has a passion for learning new languages and is able to speak English, Persian, and Spanish fluently as well as a little bit of Mandarin Chinese.

“I love how many doors languages open to communicate with billions more people, and I love using them during community service events to help those who may not feel comfortable with English,” Khoshneviszadeh said.

Her love for learning languages and positive attitude has touched many. 

“Everyone who meets melody feels comfortable immediately. She is so welcoming and inclusive to everyone,” senior Jordan Nguyen said. 

Khoshneviszadeh keeps busy as President of the National Honors Society and secretary of Fight Against Hunger club. She was also the former Peer Counseling treasurer. 

Perhaps one of Khoshneviszadeh’s most notable roles on campus is her involvement in Titan Ambassadors. 

She travels to elementary and middle schools in Poway to perform skits and foster a positive relationship with children while teaching them to maintain good character with fellow Titan Ambassadors. 

“One time at Valley I ran into a girl that I TA for at Iranian school every Sunday, and she was so shocked to see me on stage. She kept yelling my name and introduced me to her friends saying how I’m Persian like her. This was big for me because I love showing my pride in being a Persian while showing others our culture,” Khoshneviszadeh said.

In addition to Poway activities, Khoshneviszadeh is involved in Persian dance and enjoys representing her culture in a beautiful and meaningful way. 

“Melody has always been drawn to dance and is really talented at such a young age. I admire her hard work and her goal driven passion,” sister Melika Khoshneviszadeh said.

Khoshneviszadeh is a notable member of our campus and plans to pursue higher education at a four- year university while continuing to share her culture with the world.